Natchez Freshman Academy

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 NFA.jpg  Natchez Freshman Academy
 208 Lynda Lee Drive
   Natchez, MS 39120
   Phone: 601-445-2941 Fax: 601-445-2498

   Larry Hooper, Principal


Welcome to the  Natchez Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy is a new concept school designed to foster and guide our students toward achievement. Our transitional school, in partnership with parents, teachers, students, and members of the community is committed to providing a secure and positive learning environment where we are “EMPOWERING OUR STUDENTS” to achieve skills necessary for responsible citizenship and lifelong learning in a global society.


The four Cs of the Freshman Academy are Commitment, Compassion, Conversation, and Consequences.  We are committed to a common understanding of The Freshman Academy expectations.  We are compassionate towards the needs of students at this developmental stage of their lives.  The administration and staff converse with students to better understand the dynamics of any given situation. We hold students responsible for their behavior. Consequences are designed to modify student behavior and assist them in developing appropriate decision-making skills.


Freshman Academy Student Survey

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