Title IV

What is the purpose of Title IV funds?

The mission of the cluster is to support the Education Reform Act of 1993 and the Board of Education's mission for the education of all children. The Act states: Mississippi's public education shall provide each and every child with the values, knowledge and skills needed to achieve full potential in his or her personal and work life and to contribute actively to the civic and economic life of our diverse and changing democratic society.

The awareness of the relationship between cognitive development and the physical, emotional and social is fundamental to a quality educational environment. School Nutrition, Safety and Climate assists schools in ways in which they provide education that fosters a safe and healthy climate allowing all students to achieve their full potential. School Nutrition, Safety and Climate funds approaches to program development and delivery which expand and/or create new comprehensive health education and human services programs that are effective, inclusive and diverse, flexible and advance the implementation of curriculum frameworks and student assessment.